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A Helicopter Ride From North Weald Airfield, England, UK
6 Mile Buzz Helicopter Flight

Today we did another thing we wanted and it was on the bucket list: a helicopter ride. We were scheduled for 10 o'clock in the morning, flying for North Weald Airfield, which is in Essex. It took us about one hour and 15 minutes to get there. Leaving at 8 o'clock we were there about 9.15. It was very good the timing because till we confirmed for boarding and looked around to see what's going on (especially me, I am very curios and wanting to know and understand everything around me): there were a few helicopters and a lot of little planes, I suppose most of them private jets or same as for us, to fly as an adventure, an experience. We were asked if we want to pay for a upgrade: front seat or thrill seeker (which means that the pilot will do some manoeuvres with the helicopter to show what it can do: up and down quickly or turnings) and we chose thrill seeker of course !

While we waited I had time to take some movies of a little plane that took off, of another helicopter (we thought it's ours but we didn't like it and it turned out not to be the one we will be in!). I was already enjoying a lot ! We had also a briefing by one of the crew and exactly in time, 10 o'clock we were invited to go for the helicopter. It was a 2 blade helicopter, not very small but not big (nicer than the other one we saw first and we were very pleased to see that !), in it being able to get 5 people, including the pilot. Our pilot was Luke.

Helicopter Ride From North Weald Airfield, England, UK

And here we are: the pilot turned on the engine, the blades started to turn and we were inside, I and Simon sitting behind the pilot ! We had seat belts, like in a plane, and headsets for the noise. I put them on to start with but almost immediately I took them off. I didn't think that the noise was so strong and anyhow I wanted to feel everything, the helicopter, the blades, hearing the noise they made. And it was great ! We took off and after a short while Luke started to turn the helicopter and to make a sudden move up and down. The way we felt turning with the helicopter was so exciting ! When the helicopter had the nose up you could feel and see the blades better. It looked like in those movies with little people caught in a little box and a giant playing with the box ! But this time you were in the box and you could feel how the box is thrown up and down and turned ! Really great, very exciting ! It was only 10 minutes but more then enough !

Helicopter Ride From North Weald Airfield, England, UK

I was so excited I talked all the way back home about how I felt. Simon was very pleased that everything went ok and we did enjoy so much !

If you fancy a helicopter ride, our flight was with Adventure 001. We highly recommend them. It was a wonderful experience!

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