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Paphos, Cyprus

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Location - Paphos lies in the south west of the beautiful island of Cyprus in the north eastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea. To the North is Turkey and the East, Syria.

Weather - The temperature here is warm to roasting hot between May and October and for the rest of the year it is extremely mild with winter nights rarely dipping below 8 Celsius. The beaches around Paphos are very, very clean with crystal clear water and the temperature is ok for swimming but can be chilly before July. In and around the immediate Paphos town I have found the beaches to be a bit rocky, so my personal favourite is to drive 5 to 10 minutes up to Coral Bay, where the beach is very sandy.

The months of July and August are particularly humid and uncomfortable. One restaurant manager told me you can barely see across to the other side of the road! September and October are the best months for the warmest sea temperature and bearable humidity.

Level Of English English is widely spoken except in the small rural villages.

Prices Generally not too expensive but neither cheap since their change to the Euro in January 2008.

Eating Out - Not too cheap but is generally of a very good standard. Restaurants and bars on the harbour are a bit pricey but it is well worth a visit to this picturesque area.

Courtesy Everyone I met was very hospitable and helpful.

Driving A hangover from the British tenancy of Cyprus is that car driving is on the left and vehicles are right hand drive. Generally the locals are pretty safe drivers, though some can be a bit speedy.

Public Transport - Bus services are not so good here and taxis are expensive. If you book beforehand, there are plenty of cheap car hire deals and as you really need a car to get around on Cyprus you'll be happy you did. For less than the price of a taxi for the short distance from Paphos airport to town (30 euros for a journey of about 15 kms) you can hire a car for a day. Longer hire is cheaper still. If you're adventurous and want to see things of the beaten track, hire a 4x4 as whilst the main roads are excellent, the roads off these are usually not much more than dirt tracks.

Beach near Paphos

Places Of Interest/Attractions - There are many ancient ruins to visit in and around Paphos, having been a favourite place to visit for Greeks and Egyptians for many centuries. The attractions in the main are a little overblown in their literature but nevertheless are well worth seeing.

The flora and fauna is outstanding. With very beautiful, picturesque landscapes, wonderful sunsets and many curious creatures I have not seen before, such as large grasshoppers which take off and then fly with specially adapted wings. Large, colourful, hummingbird moths are not uncommon and Cyprus has many species of birds, animals and plants which are not found anywhere else in the world.

Other Remarks - The whole way of life here is much more relaxed than most other European nations with a similarity to a Spanish way of life in my opinion.

Cyprus Holiday Diary

Coral Bay

Akamas Peninsula


Tombs Of The Kings, Paphos

Speedboat Hire, Paphos

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